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Why a "Van"?

Well at Equi-Sport we are horsey people ourselves, We have had the Family days out to shows where mum does not want to drive daughter to a show, so Dad drives.... and sits there bored all day,..... but with a "van" horsebox anyone can drive them be it a newly passed 17 year old, or mum/gran/you name it ...... as long as you hold a driving license you CAN drive. People are a lot more confident driving a normal sized van than a huge HGV

The Renault Master and Vauxhall Movano Van is infact the same height as the leading trailer manufacturers trailer and is longer in the breast area.

So.... what makes an Equi-Sport Horsebox different from the rest?

At Equi-Sport we are a family company with honest family values, we have 10 horses and compete regularly...so guess what - we know what you need in your horsebox, and also what you don't! We know how to load difficult horses, and have concerns over other horsebox manufacturers how they build a smaller box.

We ALWAYS build in an Emergency Exit door and removable breast bar - for that just incase moment. So if you have any concerns about difficult travelers, just ask... we can often resolve the problem and make a few changes to the build of the vehicle if needed.

So the horses travel backwards..... why?

Well horses prefer to travel rear facing .... it makes sense!

A horse can more easily brace themselves whilst rear facing, here's the proof after many many studies:

'The center of gravity with any horse, mounted or not, is at the girth and trunk/ribs area. The relaxed standing horse carries the bulk of his weight on the front limbs. The standing position of a relaxed horse is with a forward lean and lowered head (at or below the withers). Any change in stance created by handling a horse's leg, its load or change in transport motion will alter its natural state of stability.

When a horse is travelling in a forward facing trailer or box he finds it difficult to maintain the aforementioned 'natural forward stance', which makes it extremely hard for him to balance properly.

Acceleration and braking also cause a problem for the horse when he is facing forwards. His reaction to the forward pressure is to brace himself and lean against it. His weight is then unnaturally transferred to his hindquarters and he places his legs in an abnormal, uncomfortable position. This can lead to a whole multitude of strains and injuries including injury to the pelvis and sacroiliac region.

It has also been discovered, through research, that horses prefer to be facing backwards and 'seeing things slipping harmlessly away from it' as opposed to facing forwards and spotting scary objects come hurtling towards it.

Many many of our customers phone to say how there previously bad traveller travels fantastic - not to mention the little window so you can talk to your horse too.

Where do you source the vans from?

We have several various suppliers from all over the UK. We always try and buy the best van possible - but we also welcome any mechanic to come and check the vehicle prior to purchase, we do check all vehicles on behalf of our customers - this is a basic vehicle check. As mentioned we welcome you to have a mechanic inspect the vehicle - this applies if Equi-sport also source a van on your behalf.

If you wish you can provide your own vehicle.

With every Equi-Sport horsebox we offer a 12 month build warranty - this covers anything WE have built on the van. We cant repair under warranty excessive wear and tear or incorrect use (ie - stubborn, or excessive damage caused by horses, etc).

Unfortunately we cannot offer a mechanical warranty on the vehicles - but you are more than welcome to get your own mechanic or a local one to come and inspect the van!

All vehicles must be returned to equi-sport for any repairs.

If you do have a problem just email us with your query and we will book you in for a repair asap. This is very rare as we have built these boxes to last.

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